Tasting #1: "No Cause For Concern"
Saturday, August 12th, 2017 - 7pm
25344 Lynford St. Farmington Hills, MI 48336

Join us for an evening where we'll be sampling four distinct bourbons, inevitably talking about technology, listening to people explain how it's been a while since they've shot pool (we have a table,) and quite possibly smoking some cigars (weather permitting). Light food to be served. I think we also have some Coors Lights that someone left here for guests who aren't into bourbon.

There is no cost to attend. If you have a bottle of something you'd like to share with the group, then bring it by all means, but it's in no way required.

The bourbons we'll be tasting include...
Jefferson's Ocean

All bourbons are aged in oak barrels, and this one is no different. But instead of quietly aging in a Kentucky rackhouse like most, barrels of this experimental blend are placed on an ocean-faring ship where they cross the equator four times, visit five continents, and stop at over 30 ports along the way. On this journey, the oak barrels breath the sea air, expanding and contracting as temperatures change.

Does this process really give a unique finishing touch to a classic bourbon, or is this just a silly marketing ploy? There's only one way to find out.

We will be sampling a bottle from voyage #5. Limit of one "I'm on a boat" joke per participant.

Elmer T. Lee Single Barrel

Named after Master Distiller Emeritus Elmer T. Lee and 36-year veteran of the Buffalo Trace Distillery, this whiskey is hand selected and bottled to the taste and standards of Elmer T. Lee himself. A true pioneer of the single barrel bourbon movement, Elmer is said to have introduced Blanton's, the first mass market single barrel, to the world.

At 90-proof and built on Buffalo Trace's famous high rye #2 mash bill, this bourbon packs a strong but somewhat sweet punch, like an old man who sent the soup back twice but still leaves a generous tip.

Rowan's Creek Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey

Hand bottled in Bardstown, Kentucky by Kentucky Bourbon Distillers, Rowan's Creek is aged for 12 years and comes in at a hearty 100.1 proof. Its namesake traces back to a Kentucky statesman from the 1700's who had a creek named after him, which ain't nothing I suppose.

I originally encountered a bottle of this in New Orleans and was pleasantly surprised. For the next several years I kept my eyes open for it locally, but never ran across it again. On a recent trip to New York I found a bottle and decided to import it back home.

Bib & Tucker Small Batch Bourbon

This little-known blend scores a 9/10 on the bottle design alone. I mean, just look at that beauty.

Imported from world-renown bourbon distributor, Meijer, the bottle design may end up being the high point of this offering. Online reviews say it packs a punch and truly embraces the frontier roots of bourbon's origins. I think that means it's real alcohol-y tasting, but we'll find out for sure before the night's over. How bad could it really be? It says it's "small batch" and we all know that means "good", right?


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Plan ahead and be responsible
You're coming to this event for the express purpose of drinking a bunch of high proof alcohol. Odds are you're not going to be a safe driver when you leave. Bring a DD, take an Uber, or stay locally.